Mental Health Humor’s Daily Doodle: Inspiration Within

Mental Health Humor’s Daily Doodle: Inspiration Within

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Welcome to Mental Health Humor’s Daily Doodle. The Daily Doodle is not meant to be a cartoon, not meant to be funny nor witty nor even have a point; other than to create a “Daily Doodle.”

Don’t worry it will not replace the MentalHealthHumor cartoons. (Doodling is part of my creative process of cartooning.)

It’s my belief doodling sparks creativity.  My goal is to test this hypothesis out with Chato Stewart’s Daily Doodle.

In today’s Daily Doodle, we have a chicken, an appalling drawing of the 2017 baby new year, and a tree… In short, I think I’m afraid of the new year; things unforeseen to come.  So, I must look within. Who better to get some encouragement on this matter than from Tony Robbins.

“The inspiration you seek is found within, waiting to be called upon by an unforeseen challenge.”
Tony Robbins

arm under the skin

Have You Found Something “Within” That’s Inspiring You On Your Road Of Mental Health Recovery?

Now we are talking about something within us–so I will go first. For Me? Resilience! Living with Bipolar Disorder can pick you (mania/hypomania) up then knock you down by life (depression).  It’s like a slush machine churning and churning.  It’s that inner resilience that gives me the capability to recover quickly from any crisis; so far.

What about you?  What is your inner toughness to help you cope on the road of Mental Health  Recovery?

Share your inner toughness with a comment below or your doodle.

Chato Stewart
Mental Health Humor Blogger

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Mental Health Humor’s Daily Doodle: Inspiration Within

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